Wecome to Hallyusuperstore!

Hello Customers! 

Hello Customers!

Our CST Team started as hallyusuperstore on eBay in February 2017 and has been selling various kpop goods for 5 years.
In fact, it has risen to the second-best seller among Korean sellers on eBay.
However, in January 2021, we were suspended from eBay for unknown reasons,
and we created a new web-site called my-cst.com and operated it successfully for a year and a half.

However, my-cst site based on wordpress – woocommerce had many shortcomings.
In fact, the site went down several times evert month with a huge number of errors and chronic problems.
Every time a problem arises, it takes a lot of time and effort to fix it.
In the end, 20-30% of yesterday’s transactions were all denied.
Now, we are reaching a point where many customers are still unable to buy what they want.

As a result, our company has made an important decision.
we decided to close the old problematic my-cst.com site and create a new one.

This new site is “hallyusuperstore.com,” the original company name.

Now, we will provide you the good service with this new site and make customers happy! 

Thank you!