About Us



Our Hallyusuperstore Team initially started as Hallyusuperstore on eBay in February 2017 and has been selling various kpop goods for 5 years. In fact, it has risen to the second-best seller among Korean sellers on eBay.

However, in January 2021, we were suspended from eBay for unknown reasons, and we created a new web-site called my-cst.com and operated it successfully for a year and a half.

However, my-cst.com site based on wordpress - woocommerce had many shortcomings. In fact, the site went down several times every month with a huge number of errors and chronic problems.

As a result, our company has made an important decision. We decided to close the old problematic my-cst.com site and create a new one with Shopify based store which has few glitches and errors.. 

Thus, the new Hallyusuperstore.com has just started in July 25th, 2022 and we will operate the store with the best quality service as always! 

Thank you for using our site!