Ateez X Nacific - Ateez's Play Ground (UYU Cream Premium Set)
Ateez X Nacific - Ateez's Play Ground (UYU Cream Premium Set)

Ateez X Nacific - Ateez's Play Ground (UYU Cream Premium Set)

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Ateez X NACIFIC - Ateez's Play Ground (UYU Cream Premium Set)


"Ateez's PlayGround"

Ateez, who always shines and presents perfect images!

But, wouldn't you want to see their other sides as well?

Have you ever thought that because of their perfect talents and appearances, they might show wonderful aspects elsewhere as well?

For those of you, Nacific has gathered Ateez's club activities one by one!

Hongjoong from the broadcasting department! Sometimes it seems like the broadcast camera turns toward Hongjoong instead of the actors.
Perhaps we've all fallen for him.

Yunho, the lead actor in the movie department! With such a magnificent appearance, he would immerse the audience in any genre!

Seonghwa, the ace of the art department! He's the perfect owner of talent, creating masterpieces with every piece he draws!

Yeosang, who shows perfect magic! If you meet his smile at the end of a tiring day, it feels like more magical things will unfold than magic itself!

San, the romanticist of the music department! How perfect it would be if he sang with that appearance. Oh, we're watching that in Ateez, aren't we?

Basketball Team's MVP, Mingi! Every shot he throws goes straight into the goalpost! Such a perfect accuracy seems to have captivated the hearts of Atiny.

Wooyoung, the ace of the gaming team! With just one wink from him, it seems like he can win any game

Jongho, the top navigator of the travel team! He seems to be getting ready to travel the world with Atiny.


Don't you want to see the other sides of these perfect individuals?

There are various gifts, including photocards, that will make you even more perfect with them!

Shall we go and collect these gifts brought for you right now?


:: Product Composition ::

- UYU Cream Toner 150ml (1ea)
- UYU Cream Ampoule 50ml (1ea)
- UYU Cream 50g (1ea)
- Niacin Brightening Essence 20ml (1ea)
- AHABHA Balancing Mask Pack (1ea)
- Niacinamide Brightening Mask Pack (1ea)
- Sun Essence 50ml (1ea) 

- Ateez Photocard Set [OT8] (1ea)
- Ateez 4 Cut-Photo (4ea)


*Sun essence will not be included when shipping to Japan due to contractual agreement*


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